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1997 Harley-Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer - 1997 Harley FLSTS Heritage Springer, 3212 miles, One owner, Lots of extra chrome and accessories, In fact, it is chromed like it was being done with someone else’s money. This bike is like new and ready to ride. $17500 Takes it home.SOLD, Well, ya snooze, ya lose, Greg knew a deal when he saw it. I’m going to miss this one.......................... UPDATE 7/05 Greg just traded it back in and now it has 9400 miles on it and it’s cleaner than it was when he bought it from me. It has had yet a few more chrome additions, a passenger backrest, taller handlebars and It now has Samson fishtail straight pipes that sound great.It is ready to go. I think I’ll lower the price a bit to $15,900 which is a deal on this beautiful first year Springer. Too late, Jose knew a deal when he saw one, so it’s sold again, but who knows, maybe Jose will trade it back in one of these days. If you are looking for a Heritage Springer, call me, I get these in all the time and they often don’t even get put on the website. NEW UPDATE 1/15/08, I just got a red and white 97 Heritage Springer in with 9K miles, and it’s bargain priced at $14,500. NEW UPDATE 8/20/10, I have one coming in with a reconditioned title and it will be very inexpensive. Call for details 512-784-3659 $15,900

1950 Harley-Davidson FL Hydra Glide - Leather 1950 Harley Davidson FL Hydra Glide, I am in the process of reinstalling the motor after a thorough,professional, expensive rebuild by Harley Bob at Bud’s, The bike is tastefully updated with front disk brakes, 12Volt system, mild cam, belt drive primary, and lots of chrome while keeping it original looking. I am slowly reassembling it using polished stainless nuts and bolts and hardware wherever possible and replacing anything that is not first rate, OK it’s done and sure is fun to ride and looks great with purple leather............... I have put a couple hundred miles on this bike now, and it is really a blast to ride, my favorite of the whole hog lot, It still seems to want to mark it’s spot, but I guess these old hogs are just a bit territorial.......It starts first kick anytime no one is around, and second or third with an audience.......You would have a hard time replacing this old Panhead for $14,900, and you’d have a lot of fun riding it home. I just returned from Iowa where I took the old girl for a few cruises, no I didn’t ride it up there and back, but I did ride it around the countryside for a few hundred miles. Texas has much better roads than Iowa........... You could be too late. We have a sale pending and it will be going to Australia with Kym. I wanna go....... And you are too late. It will soon be cruising Western Australia. Why is it that the ones I really don’t want to sell always sell?? I will really miss this ole Panhead.... $14,900

1993 Harley-Davidson FLSTN Moo Glide - 1993 Harley FLSTN Softail Classic Nostalgia Limited Edition ’’Cow Bike’’or ’’MooGlide’’, #1633 of 2700. I have had a number of these as I think they are way cool as well as a great investment. Every other bike Harley makes is a collector edition of some sorts, but the 93 Cowbike truly is a Harley collector bike. They were an instant sensation when they came out in 93, and still are today. They will only go up in value from here. This is the first one that I have had that does not have any cracks around the saddlebag mounting holes from overtightening. The seats were taken off and stored when it was new, so they are brand new. I have another original Cowbike seat on it now that is pretty decent as well. It is very clean, very original, unmodified, aside from a few bolt on items, and a bike that will appreciate in value while you enjoy it. It draws interest everywhere it goes. When was the last time you saw one? I also have many of the impossible to find Harley cowhide accessorys that were only made in 93 available to the buyer of this bike. Price just reduced to $11900, I need to sell something........... it now has a little over 14k miles and I ride it regularly. You can fly in and ride it home anywhere. $11,900

1971 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide - 1971 Harley FLH Electra Glide in Turquiose, Original paint , Solo seat, buddy seat, tour pak, This is a very original bike that is showing some wear, It runs good, rides good, has no major problems, It would be an easy bike to restore or just enjoy as it is. It is getting harder and harder to find these old bikes that haven't been butchered up and especially for under 10K. SOLD, It is now cruising the beach with Rick in Galveston. I will have more original shovelheads coming soon, so check back often, and buy something please.........It's killin me to try and keep all this stuff clean........ $9,995

1984 Harley-Davidson FLHX Electra Glide Special Edi Black - 1984 Harley Davidson FLHX Special Edition, One Owner bike. one of 467 produced in 84, I have sold a number of bikes that I wish I would have kept for a year or two as I have watched them escalate in value so quickly. This will be one of those. It has 8509 one owner miles, the last of the Shovelheads, and one of the few shovelheads to come from the factory with belt drive, It still has it’s original paint, decals, etc. The tour pak is like new, but the fairing wasn’t so lucky. It seems to of had a rough life in storage. I think it can be repaired without disturbing the original eagle decal though, and I just happen to have some very talented fiberglass craftsmen working on my swimming pool right now........ and speaking of decals, the bike comes with an impossible to find spare set of decals that the owner bought when the bike was new in case he might want to restore it someday. Talk about planning ahead....... This bike is not perfect, but is a very clean, original, fairly rare, and very desirable classic Harley that is fun and easy to ride. It will be a good investment in the years to come, and a lot more fun than stocks or CD’s, but it will take up a bit more room...... and beleive it or not, you can have this parked in your living room for only $13,900 $13,900

1973 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide - 1973 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide. This is a very nicely restored FLH Shovelhead that needs nothing. It runs and rides excellent and is ready for many miles of fun. It has lots of chromed parts including the brake calipers. I don’t know who restored this bike, but they did a very high quality job. I got it from the state of Texas where it had been confisticated for some odd reason, and, believe it or not, used as an undercover vehicle before the State decided the poor thing had payed it’s debt to society and could be released. I just love vehicles with a colorful past............. It shows 230 miles which is probably the mileage since it was restored. I put in a new battery and changed the fluids, It runs great and is ready to ride anywhere. The motor appears to be fresh as well as the trans, tires, everything. It sounds very good. I wish it had whitwall tires, but since they are new Harley Davidson Dunlop radials, I don’t beleive I’ll change them, besides, the next owner would probably prefer blackwalls anyway, and for only $11,900, you’ll have plenty of money left over for whitwall tires if you prefer...........Well, my dear old dad always said a wise man changes his mind but a fool never does, so I went ahead and put the correct twin stripe whitwalls on it, and it looks like an entirely different scooter. That impressed me so much that I went ahead and ordered a new white leather solo seat with fringe, and new white grips and white rubber parts. It’s going to be even sharper if that’s possible......... Now I need $12500 for it, and I’ll even throw in those boring blackwall tires...... Call me at 512-784-3659 for an honest description. Fly in and ride this one home. $12,500

1974 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide - 1974 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide. This bike is fresh in from a gentleman’s living room in Oklahoma where it had sat since 1984 when the license and inspection expired. I put fresh oil and gas in it and it runs great, As soon as Bud’s gets a new rear tire in for it, and I freshen up the brakes, which are factory disk, which makes these old bikes so much safer to ride, I’ll tell you how the rest of it is. I believe the front tire may be originalb and has a few more miles in it. The back one may also have been original but had seen better days. The paint is original and not bad, but not perfect. I would maybe repaint the rear fender, but the tanks and front fender are too good to repaint. This is a very original bike with low miles that would be very easy to restore, but it is too nice as is to restore in my opinion. They are only original once. I would clean it up and ride it just the way it is. I doubt that it has ever been apart. It needs a bit of cleaning which I hope to have done before I take pictures. It has no corrosion anywhere, The chrome and aluminum are in good shape as it has spent the last 20 years in a living room in Oklahoma yearning for the open road, and you could be the one to show it the open road for ony $9995. Call me for more details at 512-784-3659 $10,995

1972 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide Emerald - 1972 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide with 3900 original miles. Original paint, chain, sprockets, etc. A bike with a history but I’m too tired to tell it now, so I’ll post it when I get pictures. If you just can’t wait, Call me at 512-784-3659 for an as always honest description. Comes with original seat, bag rails, etc. $11,900

2003 Harley-Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer - 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Heritage Springer FLSTS in Black, The last year for the Heritage Springer, which was only made from 1997 till 2003. This bike is literally like new with 1100 one owner miles. It has 2 years left on the factory warranty. It has no modifications, even still has the stock mufflers, and boy are they quiet.........Steal it for $4000 less than it went out the door for new in 03 at $20,900.00 pictures coming soon. OK here’s a couple of pictures, but it really needs to get outdoors for good pics. Now it has 1500 miles on it and it is also available with a special, special, extra special order, from Harley, paint set with the red and white color scheme from 1997. That was not easy or quick to get done.... I also have all of the red trim leather seats, bags, and accessories to finish it off. These parts were not cheap to acquire and won’t be cheap for you to acquire either, I’d have to figure out what I have in them, but you would have the only twin cam 97 Heritage Springer around....or just keep it original. Either way, this bike will only go up in value in the years to come. Too Late again, SOLD, and it’s off to Oklahoma, and boy did it find a good home..........He can give it the life I only dreamed of giving it.......... I don’t think my entire collection would sell for enough money to buy a rig like the one that hauled it away.................... Keep watching, more Springers coming in all the time...... $20,900

1949 Harley-Davidson FL Hydra Glide - 1949 Harley Davidson FL Hydra Glide, 1949 was the first year for the hydraulic front forks, and the second year for the Panhead motor. I just bought this from a museum/Harley Dealership in Wisconsin where it has spent the last 15 years. Prior to that, it was with it’s original owner who obviously took loving care of it for 41 years. It has 26,754 actual miles on it. Other than the incorrect 15 year old paint on the tanks and fenders, this old girl has every nut, bolt, and washer that it left the factory with 56 years ago, as well as a few genuine Harley accessories of the time. It was originaly that blue/turquiose color like the hand grips. The original owner repainted it once so the museum went ahead and painted it again when they acquired it. They stripped it to bare metal, and said that it has no bondo or rust. The frame is original paint. They also pulled the top end off to check the motor out and it needed nothing, so they put new rings in it and put it back together. When I saw it in the museum, it hadn’t been started since last fall. After trying to hammer him down for over an hour, I finally told the owner that I would give him his price if he could start it in 5 or less kicks, and of course throw in a free t-shirt. It was purring like a kitten at about 150 RPM in 4 kicks. This bike is expensive and will only get more expensive. You can restore them a dozen times, but they are only original once. This is the most original, nicest unrestored Old Panhead that I have ever come across. Everything works, horn, lights, gen and oil lights, and of course it is still 6 volt. It is the easiest starting kick start bike that I have ever had, which makes me wonder why everybody puts those S&S carbs on these old bikes with that big ugly aircleaner....It will probably be sporting new whitewalls soon if it hangs around long. Call me at 512-784-3659 if you would like to have it come and hang around your garage, and yes, it leaks oil, just like it was designed to do back in 1949. TOO LATE.......It’s off to Sunny Southern California with Steve $21,900

1964 Harley-Davidson Duoglide - 1964 Harley Davidson FL Duoglide Panhead, 36,285 3 owner miles. This is a very original, clean great running, easy starting swing arm Panhead. I believe it has all the original pieces that it left Milwaukee with 42 years ago. I started it today on the 2nd kick after sitting for over 2 months. It is ready to ride anywhere and very fairly priced at $11900 You’re TOO LATE, It’s off to Ocean City Maryland with Mike. He knew a deal when he saw one. $11,900

2004 Other Big Dog Mastiff - 2004 Big Dog Mastiff with a little damage. I bought this from the insurance company and will post pictures when it gets here. I think I also have all of the necesary parts to repair this bike. Call for details 512-784-3659 Okay, It is done , All damaged parts replaced with genuine Big Dog parts, new Big Dog paint set, misc. small parts, new front tire and wheel. The only difference between this Mastif and one that hasn’t been damaged is the price. This is my last Big Dog, but we are always on the prowl for more.....TOO LATE for this one, Robert knew a deal when he saw it, so he’ll be at the ROT rally next month on his beautiful Mastiff. Sold right here in good ol Austin Tx. I knew if anyone actually saw this scooter, they’d buy it.......... Keep watching, as we are always coming across Big Dogs, and they are usually strays and don’t stay around long........ $14,900

1970 Harley-Davidson FLH Electra Glide - 1970 Harley FLH Electra Glide, 32K miles, all origional except paint. It has the original bags, tour pac, and fairing as well as a windsheild. It runs and rides very nice and is ready to ride anywhere. Fly in and ride it home. This is a whole lot of 39 year old Harley for only $9900. Hurry before I raise the price.......Too Late...SOLD.... Aki knew a deal when he saw it and this was a deal. It’s off to California to live the good life with Aki $9,900

1997 Harley-Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer - Red and White 97 Harley Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer. Miles unkown, It has a brand new speedometer as the old one was blank. Runs and rides real nice. I did not get the bags or original seat with it. It has nicks and chips here and there, nothing serious. For reasons unkown, it states rebuilt salvage on the title. I cannott see any signs of major damage or repair anywhere. This is the most inexpensive red and white 97 Heritage Springer on the planet at $7900, and you can ride it anywhere. Pictures coming soon, It’s pretty, but it’s not as cute as Emi..........Sold, Too late, Bob, right here in Spicewood knew a deal when he saw it $7,900

1997 Harley-Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer - Red and White 97 Heritage Springer. Runs great, rides great, a tad on the rough side. no saddlebags, aftermarket seat, and somewhere in its history it had a reconditioned title issued. I can find no evidence of crash damage or repair. This has to be the least expensive red and white FLSTS on the planet that you can ride home for $7900. $7,900

1997 Harley-Davidson FLSTS Heritage Springer - 1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Springer in Red and White. The most beautiful motorcycle to ever come from the Harley factory. I sold this one to Jackie in 2003 ith 15k miles on the clock, She has enjoyed it for the last 8 years but now it is time for someone else to enjoy "Lucy". It now has 32k miles and a few nicks and chips but is freshly serviced and ready to ride anywhere. It has all of the red trim fringe items as well as a few accessory fringe items. Great bike at a great price, $10900. $10,900

2001 Harley-Davidson Softail Custom - 2001 Softail Custom with 921 miles. It will have more miles as I am riding it. This is a very well built custom built motorcycle built with the best of parts, mostly genuine Harley parts including the wiring, electrical and switches. Harley motor, trans, wiring, switches, speedometer, Arlen ness front end, Milwaukee iron sheetmetal, It has a beautiful, very high quality paint job by Colormania. It is literally a new bike with just a couple of minor cosmetic flaws and priced to sell at much less than half of the build cost. Fly in and ride it home. $6,900

1948 Indian Chief - 1948 Indian Chief, Professionally restored, runs and rides like a new bike. matching numbers motor and frame. I purchased this Indian Chief from a family that had owned it for over 50 years and had the no expense spared restoration done. It is ready to ride or show. Too late, It is sold and off to Waco with Rick who plans to ride it all over Texas. $29,900

2001 Harley-Davidson FLSTSI Heritage Springer - 2001 Harley Davidson FLSTSI Heritage Springer with 731 original miles. It has always been properly stored and maintained and is literally a brand new Heritage Springer. It has absolutely zero modifications, It is exactly as it left Milwaukee. Harley only made Heritage Springers from 97 to 03 in limited numbers, and in my opinion are some of the most beautiful scooters Harley ever made . I also have available a genuine Harley paint set with 97 red and white paint scheme, as well as all of the red trim leather parts and accessories to make this look like a red and white 97. It would be the only twin cam red and white 97 Heritage Springer around! I had intended on building a twin cam to look like a red and white 97 as I always thought that was the prettiest one ever made. It took a long time and a lot of dough to collect all of the parts to do it, and then somebody offered me too much for the bike I was going to do it to, so it never happened. These parts would however be quite expensive and are not included with this bike but available to the buyer. If this bike does not sell before I get around to it, I will install it on it and probably keep it forever but until then, it could be yours for only $14900. $13,900

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